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We proudly present our old building

We wish you many enjoyable hours here in the unique ambience of the Gösser Bierklinik - one of the world’s most beautiful beer places!

Architectural unique: The "Steindlzimmer" ("Steindl Room"), that dates back to 1683, the sandstone stairway or the covered courtyard.

A click on the photo opens a 360° view of the chosen room.
If you want to know the exact setting and the location of the rooms you can click on the following link: «Floor Plan».

Die gemütliche Schank (smoker)

(for up to 38 persons)

Der wunderschöne Innenhof (Halle) (nonsmoker)

(for up to 24 persons)

Die "Gösser-Nische" (nonsmoker)

(for up to 6 persons)

Das "Drachen-Stüberl" (nonsmoker)

(for up to 34 persons)

Das "Künstler-Stüberl" (nonsmoker)

(for up to 22 persons)

Das "Schönherr-Stüberl" (nonsmoker)

(for up to 14 persons)

Das "Steindl-Zimmer" (nonsmoker)

(for up to 30 persons)

Das "Badner-Stüberl" (nonsmoker)

(for up to 18 persons)

The "Badner-Stüberl" is next to the "Steindl-Zimmer".

Das "Blaue Zimmer" und das "Rote Zimmer" (nonsmoker)

(each for up to 26 persons)

Das "Zirben-Stüberl" (nonsmoker)

(for up to 14 persons)